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Why Does Shuffle leave empty spaces?

The algorithm used to place items does not keep track of empty space nor try to fill them. If you require this functionality, I suggest packery.

Why are images overlapping?

If the size of your items are dependent on images, they can overlap if shuffle is initialized before all the images have loaded. Check out this demo to see how to fix it.

What’s the difference between Shuffle and Isotope?


  • more layout modes
  • more options
  • community of users
  • commercial use requires a license


  • robust filtering
  • slightly smaller
  • responsive by default
  • sizer element (which packery also has)

They are very similar, but I think Shuffle's filtering and sorting are easier to customize, which is the main reason I created this library. Isotope has a much larger community, is battle-tested, and has many stackoverflow answers.

Padding isn’t working on the shuffle element

The padding is ignored by Shuffle because it creates complexities with absolute positioning the shuffle-items when they have a percentage width as well as setting the height of the shuffle container because of box-sizing. To fix this, wrap the shuffle element in another element which has the padding on it.

Can I center the layout?

Yes. Use the isCentered option.

It’s not working with Boostrap 4

Bootstrap 4 uses flexbox for grids, so your main shuffle container element must be a .row and the items inside the row (shuffle items) should all be columns. See the Bootstrap 4 grid demo.

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